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Siding corners and mice

gsanto189 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi all, I’m a long time reader and this is my first post.  I’ve learned a lot from my reading here- there seems to be a lot of good knowledge available. 
As for my problem- I have mice in my attic and there are two likely places they are coming in- the AC line penetration and the open corners of my siding.  My plan for the ac penetration is a combination of steel wool on the outside and canned foam from the inside for air sealing. As far as the siding goes–it looks like the outside corners are wide open at the bottom. I’ve found a product called Kritter-cap that literally caps the bottom of the siding corner but it seems to be in short suppy/out of stock in most ocations.
My house was built in 1987 and I’m in zone 5, zip code 44256. I have 1.5″ of polyiso over 2×4 with fiberglass r-13 cavity insulation. I want to fix this right and not just band-aid it. Right now it looks like those corner pieces are an open highway right up to the attic and I’m also concerned that mice will destroy the polyiso if left unchecked.
BTW, I’m trapping and baiting in the attic to get rid of the ones I have but I’m gonna have to seal the entrances up soon. Thanks!


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