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Siding “wave” over 6 inches polyiso/strapping

RussMill | Posted in General Questions on

Is it the case that vinyl siding hides the waviness better than fiber cement. 

Or are they equal in the (PITA) furring strip  adjustment necessary category??

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  1. GBA Editor
    Brian Pontolilo | | #1

    Hey Russell,

    I'm not sure if the siding material makes a difference, but I've visited a lot of houses with siding over furring strips built by really good builders and if you look closely enough, here and there, you can spot some waviness. With the many horizontal lines that siding provides, it's easy to spot. That said, I'm always curious, so I'm looking for it. I think it's worth the time to use a stringline and a level and some shims and get the furring strips in plane, as best you can, especially over 6 inches of foam.

  2. RussMill | | #2

    Ok, i feel better that its not a hack install weve created.


  3. seabornman | | #3

    I was surprised at the face of my strapping was not in a nice even plane. After all, all of the materials were fairly consistent. I shimmed the first half of the installation, then quit, as I couldn't see a difference. I'm using corrugated metal, so I think it hides many sins.

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