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Simonton or PlyGem Windows?

BrunoF | Posted in General Questions on

Does anyone here have experience with Simonton widows, specifically the “Contractor” single hung or casement line?

I have recived window quote from several manufacturers for my Zone 4a house build and there is a huge price difference between some of them.  Aesthetically I prefer the Marvin Elevate and Anderson 400 but they are 3x the price of several vinyl options.  My wife and I are willing to tolerate the aesthetics of a vinyl window, so we have focused on windows from Simonton and PlyGem.

As with anything, once you look for reviews on a product you find some pretty terrible ones that will spook you.  Does anyone here have experience with PVC windows from either of the two mentioned companies?  Are there any other mfgs that I should consider?


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  1. fromPok | | #1


  2. 5Stud | | #2

    Up in my neck of the woods, production builders use PlyGem or Jeldwen vinyl. All triple glazed b/c code and nothing under U 0.30
    Both work fine because if they didn't, builders would change suppliers.
    EDIT: one of the design/build I work with uses Kholtech windows. I believe they have a US presence. It is a better window (more money) and they seem to be well built. U 0.19 or so

  3. johngfc | | #3

    I have a rental house with Simonton windows, installed by the previous owner. Most of the windows are sliders and we remove the windows and clean the window tracks (which collect dust and dirt) every 2 or 3 years and they've performed flawlessly for the past 12 years. (We don't want the tenants removing the windows, some of which are quite heavy). My impression is that they are excellent vinyl windows. We have some Anderson windows in our house and I don't think they're any better than the (less expensive) Simonton. I don't know anything about PlyGem.

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