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SIP cold roof

di57 | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

I am a SIP homeowner, with too many problems to describe here!  But, in the midst of a major roof remodel (installing a vented or “cold” roof on top of 2007 sip panels) we cannot find a vented drip edge that has a extended drop profile (3”) into the gutters.  We are using 2x4s, and 1/2” plywood for our materials.  Can anyone advise?

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  1. Zdesign | | #1

    Chances are you will have to have one made on a metal brake which should be fairly easy for any exterior trim guy. I know ABC sheet metal can make any profile you give them a sketch of if you are planning on doing the install yourself.

    1. di57 | | #2

      Thanks for your reply! I appreciate hearing from you. We’ll investigate.

      1. Bryce_V | | #3

        Do you have an update on your cold roof project and finding trim to work? We're building a SIP house right now and starting with a cold roof.

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