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Sliding patio door alternatives?

cord12 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Seeking opinions about a patio sliding door replacement in climate zone 6. Requirements are energy efficient, significant glass area to let in natural light and a secure key-lock entry from the exterior. Are there patio doors that meet these requirements or should we just install a regular door adjacent to a triple pane fixed-glass window in the rough opening of the old patio door?

Thanks, David

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  1. this_page_left_blank | | #1

    There are several sliding doors that meet all your requirements, if you are prepared to pay. A sliding door like this will typically cost triple the same quality fully glazed door and side light.

  2. dickrussell | | #2

    If it were mine, I'd prefer a regular 36" door that swings out of the way with much less effort than sliding a heavy patio door sideways. A regular door opening away from you also lets you do much of the opening while continuing to walk, whereas a patio door makes you halt in both directions. A fixed-glass triple pane window will be much warmer just inside of it than any double pane slider, and it doesn't need to go down to floor level to provide view.

  3. seabornman | | #3

    I looked at swinging patio doors versus sliding doors. The better patio doors had 3 point latching. The sliding door I went with was a top-of-the line Marvin which is a great door however the locking is a simple single point catch.

  4. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #4

    You can get good sliding doors with triple pane glazing, but they are not cheap. I just had inline quote three very large sliding doors (over 12’ wide), and they were around $9,000 each. This is with 1-3/8” triple pane glazing.

    It would be cheaper to put a glass swing door next to a full height picture window. You can also get “tilt and turn” doors which might be an option for you. I don’t think either option would give you the clean look of a sliding glass door though.

    The closest option I can think of to a sliding glass door is to use a commerical-style strip window and integrate a swing door into one of the panels. You see this all the time on storefronts.


  5. cord12 | | #5

    Thank you for the inputs. David

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