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Solar Ready Heat Pump

Gretchen Maia | Posted in Mechanicals on

So, this seems like a bit of a scheme. Lennox and probably others are marketing a heat pump that can be linked to Solar panels in the future. If you do this you can tap into the 30% federal rebate and get solar panels later. Doesn’t this seem a bit of a waste of the federal solar credit?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Personally, I'd rather see a Federal subsidy or tax credit for air sealing work, and let the PV industry sink or swim without subsidies.

  2. Gretchen Maia | | #2

    I agree, but if you have you heard the commercials on the radio? Get a new heat pump, 30% tax credit... Its terrible. Where are the air sealing commercials? I guess air sealing isn't as attractive as new machines. Everyone likes new machines.

  3. David Meiland | | #3

    Martin, you might be somewhat pleased to hear that the electric utility here gives rebates for air sealing work, along with many other weatherization and EE measures. That comes from Bonneville Power, not the Feds, but it's certainly a step in the right direction.

    Anyway, there are a few ads here and there for air sealing, in the form of the "Energy Complete" types of air barrier + insulation systems, but that's about it.

  4. Bob Coleman | | #4

    air sealing work is much harder to validate than say a receipt for a heat pump

    most utilities offer rebates for air sealing but only if you use contractors they pre-approve, which generally cost a substantial amount of money (and then you have to trust they did a good job or pay even more for testing) you can do it yourself and still come out way cheaper

  5. Bob Coleman | | #5

    that partially powered solar heat pump has been touted for quite some time

    have they published any specs on just how much their panels can offset use or any other details?
    seems rather wasteful to have a DC to DC converter that would take feeds from the panels and AC to DC converter and run the machine. while it was not running, it would probably ignore any watts produced by the panel as i doubt it would backfeed the house.

    and then you have to rely on the plumber to troubleshoot when the panels are not working and such, which may not be the best idea

  6. Kevin Dickson, MSME | | #6

    This is pure, unabashed greenwashing. My favorite line, "heat pump that has been specially enhanced"

    It's just a heat pump. No tax credit for that. Anyone can add solar to their house with or without the heat pump and get the 30% tax credit, and be grid connected. Nothing new, or "specially enhanced" is mentioned.

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