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Solarium (a.k.a. sunroom) is leaking – Part 2

mattseab | Posted in General Questions on

Thanks Martin and Peter for your previous answers. I had actually already measured the angle between the house and the glass and sent them to a local metal roof company that’s going to fabricate the flashing pieces. In terms of finding a contractor, we have been trying for over a year and nobody is willing or wants to fool with it. I have checked with commercial roofers to try to get their advice and get them to come out but in over a year haven’t had any luck. Can you guys recommend a specific type of membrane or caulk that you think will perform best Presuming we can’t find a commercial glazing contractor? His solarium was built over a finished section of the house and the leaking water is causing mold, mildew on the exterior wall below it. At this point my friend is willing to try membrane or caulk even if it has to be redone in five years.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    If your friend doesn't care about the appearance of the sunroom from the exterior, he could try installing foil-faced butyl tape on the exterior, at the perimeter of each piece of glass. Start at the bottom and work upwards, so that the tape is lapped properly.

    You want butyl tape, because it has the best adhesive, and you need the foil facing. Here are two brands:

    The wider the tape, and the more carefully adhered the tape is to the glass, the better this solution will work -- and the uglier the result.

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