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Soundproofing from street noise

Margareta Svensson | Posted in Interior Design on

Anyone able to recommend a good quality sound proof window? Right now I am facing problem of street noise

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    There is no such thing as a soundproof window. However, some windows are better at reducing sound transmission than others.

    The traditional approach to reducing sound transmission is to install a triple-glazed window (not double-glazed), and to install it in an airtight manner. At night, the use of heavy curtains might also help a little.

  2. Peter L | | #2

    Best option is to utilize a triple pane window that has better than code air tightness. A typical dual pane window (operable slider or single hung) has an STC rating of STC 21 - 23. A triple pane window that is a tilt and turn or casement will have better air tightness. It will also have a STC rating for around STC 35 - 37 depending on the window size and type.

    Wood frame walls are about STC 25-35 depending on what materials area used (drywall thickness, exterior sheathing, etc). ICF (6" concrete walls) walls are STC 50. So with dual pane windows being around STC 21-23 they are the "weak link" in sound proofing a home.

    I've seen a triple pane Intus PVC window and it was a tilt & turn. When it closes and locks it has about 7 locking pins that grab the window frame and when the handle closed the window pulls tight and locks. The window was like a vault safe door. Very heavy duty and high quality. They get about STC 36 on the sound rating. That would be just as good or even better than a wood framed wall.

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