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Source for rainscreen / rain screen in San Francisco Bay Area

severaltypesofnerd | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I’m patching (another) rotted stucco wall, anyone know of a San Francisco Bay Area local source for rain screen products. In particular I’m looking for a small quantity of a really thin air gap product. I can spare at least 1/4″ (6.35mm) due to thickness of the old siding vs. what’s got to go back.

So any recommendations on a good thin product, and something I might be able to pick up this week?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    You could contact MTI, and ask the company for the names of distributors of their products in the San Francisco area.

    Masonry Technology, Inc.
    24235 Electric Street
    Cresco, Iowa 52136

  2. CMObuilds | | #2

    Any concrete/masonry contractor supply house will have mesh type rain screen roll and you can usually buy without account over the counter. But it wont be small quantity.
    You can go buy a corrugated plastic "for sale" sign from a box store and cut it up, that should be about 1/4".

  3. Jayraja | | #3


    I am a owner and not an expert. I thought I would point you to a recent BSI-102 article that explains stucco rot issues and solutions. Hope it helps.


  4. severaltypesofnerd | | #4

    T Carlson:
    The problem with the "for sale" sign is it is impermeable. Thus any moisture trying to try out from the inside would be trapped against the wrb. I think that would miss most of the point. A sheet of heavy landscape fabric might work, however.

  5. severaltypesofnerd | | #5

    Well I have had a bit of disaster. But, this is now an in-stock product at:

    Westside Building Materials
    745 50th Ave.
    Oakland, CA 94601

    The 013 is thin enough it can go under a stucco patch or area retrofit, and match the existing stucco profile.

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