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Source for small piece of Intello plus membrane?

aelamb | Posted in General Questions on

Good morning,

I hope this question is okay to ask here – please let me know if not.

I am almost finished with a tiny house interior air sealing project using Intello Plus membrane (by Proclima).  I bought the 1.5 m x 50m available roll, and am JUST shy of completing my project – I need 14′ more for a final section of roof.  Does anyone have a source of smaller membrane pieces they can suggest?  I’m trying to avoid buying an entire additional 20m roll (and spending $175 more).  

Any direction (or small pieces you want to sell me) would be very much appreciated.


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  1. bcc22 | | #1

    Hi Amy,

    I have some extra! I’ll check length and get back to you

  2. bcc22 | | #2

    Just shy of 14’, like maybe 13’10”

    What do you think?

    1. aelamb | | #4

      Ahhh! That is incredible!! Thank you so much. Where are you located/how can we coordinate this? Email exchange?

      1. Deleted | | #6


        1. aelamb | | #7

          Perfect, thank you, will do!!

  3. bcc22 | | #3

    And a little scrap, 19x25”

  4. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #5

    I love this -- using the GBA forums to both avoid buying excess new material and wasting a lot of it, and avoiding leftovers going in the trash at the same time!

    So much effort goes into being green the fancy ways, with extra insulation, fancy building details, and ultra efficient appliances, that simple things like using scrap materials efficiently often get overlooked.


    1. aelamb | | #8

      Thanks, Bill! My thoughts exactly. :)

  5. aelamb | | #9

    This is a bit late, but here's the area I needed to cover, and then the after shot showing the PERFECT fit from the piece bcc22 passed on to me! I didn't even have to cut it. Thank you!!

    1. user-5946022 | | #10

      Thanks so much for posting the follow up! Looks like it will be a great project.

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