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Sources for window glazing materials and gasketing

artisanfarms | Posted in General Questions on

I’m relocating a Four Seasons brand sunroom to my “Pretty Good House” renovation project where it will be part of a porch/spa enclosure.  

When it comes time to reinstall the sunroom, I will need to find replacements for the various sealing tapes and weather strips that were used to seal the glass into it’s extruded aluminum frame.  Four Seasons so far has been less than helpful in selling or helping to source replacement gasketing and weather strippping.  If anyone knows a Four Seasons dealer that is OK selling parts like this as well as interior and exterior mullion sealing strips let me know, alternatively, I’m looking for suppliers who sell equivalent materials.

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  1. strausjw | | #1

    I find 3M VHB tape very useful as well.

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