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Requesting Photos of Residential Weatherization and Energy Efficiency-Related Work

Sam_K | Posted in General Questions on

Hey guys,

I’m trying to source some pictures of weatherization/home energy efficiency retrofit work.  I’m working on a side project – it’s an online EE service/blog.  I’d like to be able to post/share pictures of residential energy efficiency work (insulation, air sealing, blower door setups, high efficiency furnaces, lighting improvements, etc.).  I have photos of my own, however I work for a weatherization agency so I can’t post these freely and I don’t want to inquire about using them because that may open up a whole other mess for me.

Now I’ve found pictures online that I can purchase, however they are expensive…I know, I know, you have to spend money to make money, and also the photographers should be compensated for their work (which I totally agree with).

With that said, I’m reaching out on here to see if anyone (contractors, industry professionals) has any pictures of their own that they’d like to share with me.  I’m willing to pay for them as well as give credit to the company/person who shares them with me.

As I mentioned, I’d be willing to pay and give credit for these photos.  However, I’m hoping that because these aren’t from professional photographers then maybe they won’t be as expensive as if I purchase them from sites like gettyimages, etc.

There are a few blogs that I frequent that I was thinking about contacting.  But first I wanted to check on here.


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  1. CMObuilds | | #1

    Ive got boatloads,
    I dont think there is messaging here anymore, my email is cmobuilding@
    Literally hundreds of the fails, fixes and then the promo ones, all my own from 17 years of doing this.

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