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Spelling police

user-741168 | Posted in General Questions on

This ad (see screen capture, below) ran on GBA this morning. “Efflorescence” doesn’t have a “u.” Fluorescent lamps. Efflorescence. They say it comes from the French for flowering, but that would be “effleurescence,” which it ain’t, in French or in English.

And besides, the building science is a lousy as the spelling. It should say, “Is this your basement? Get the downspout water away from the foundation.” Wouldn’t sell product, though. Oh well.

The misspelling is not a big deal. But people thinking they need to buy a product to solve a wet basement corner — that’s a bigger problem.



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  1. DickRussell | | #1

    Lack of attention to simple spelling and grammatical mistakes is a grievous mistake in any form of written works, especially in advertising. Mistakes are noticed, and they detract from the intended message. They send a subtle impression of ineptness ("Who are these uneducated clowns?").

    [Edit: I made a very obvious spelling mistake!]

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