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Spray-applied acoustic sealants

lucyna99 | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

I have already found couple of articles at GBA about sprayable caulk that is used to air seal envelope: EcoSeal and EnergyComplete. Is there anything newer coming up on the market? I only ask because our builder was approached by Lumber84 to become a test house for air sealing with acoustical sealant… We still don’t know what it might be and what properties and VOC, etc.

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  1. Expert Member

    Do you mean they are suggesting using a sprayable acoustical sealant, or the conventional one that comes in a tube commonly used to air-seal?

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Builders have been using acoustical sealant -- the most common brand is Tremco -- for air sealing since the late 1970s.

    I haven't heard of the use of sprayable acoustical sealant for air sealing purposes.

  3. lucyna99 | | #3

    So far we've heard that it was to be sprayable, not from a tube. I'll update the post when we find out.

  4. lucyna99 | | #4

    Our builder forwarded EnergyComplete Air Infiltration Barrier with Flexible Seal Technology data sheet.
    As per your post from 2011, Martin, Owens Corning did not permit its installers to use this product with cellulose insulation. Would anyone know if this was purely for the strategic /product placement reasons, or is there a technical reason as well? Could the strategy have changed..?

  5. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #5

    OK -- so it sounds like you're not talking about a new product after all.

    If any GBA readers want to read the article on Owens Corning EnergyComplete, here is the link: Air Sealing With Sprayable Caulk.

    Since Owens Corning sells blown-in fiberglass insulation, but does not sell cellulose, it's not surprising that the company requires anyone using their EnergyComplete product to use fiberglass insulation. I doubt if Owens Corning has any interest in figuring out whether their sprayable caulk works with cellulose.

    EnergyComplete can only be installed by licensed contractors -- so you have to buy the whole insulation system, or choose a different method of air sealing.

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