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Spray foam fishy odor

Diane Fredricks | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Hello- We just had Gaco Western Wall spray foam installed last Wednesday. The first day it was installed it did not smell and the second day it still did not smell. Those two days the weather was cool and gray. On the 3rd day it was sunny and the house was heating up that is the day the smell started a fish odor. Our walls are not closed up yet. I have contacted the contractor he said this has never happened to him before. I also called Gaco and they said they would contact the sales rep in our area to come over to our house. The smell only happens in the midday. At night and early morning it is fine.

My question is will this smell ever go away?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    The fishy smell is not a good sign. Be careful. Don't accept any solution from the contractor or manufacturer unless you are sure that the smell is gone.

    For more information, see Spray Foam Jobs With Lingering Odor Problems.

  2. Diane Fredricks | | #2

    Hi Dan:

    The Manufacturer Sales rep is coming by my house this later in the day. The contractor who installed this said he is also stopping by. i was reading a lot of posts on this subject last night and there are people who are living with that smell for years. We do not want to be one of them.

    Also there was a site that gave a description of the foam where there was a bad spray (discoloration,grainy). I noticed that on the ceiling where it meets the attic. I chipped away at it this morning. It was discolored and there was the smell.

    If you are interested i will let you know what the outcome is. Thank you.

  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    Keep us posted. Good luck.

  4. Expert Member
  5. Diane Fredricks | | #5

    Hi: I just want to keep you posted the Field tech came out to our house yesterday. He definetly did smell the fish odor. The foam looked good on the walls and ceiling in my room he went up into the attic and that is where the smell was coming from. We only had the walls in the attic sprayed and when he came down he came down with a sample of fiberglass insulation that we still have up there on the floors sprayed with Foam. I read somewhere yesterday about this sometimes it will give off an odor. I cannot find that article now. I was thinking it was just sprayed on to thick and quickly or the ratio was off. Well anyway the contractor called me right away and he is now out my house removing the bad foam and the fiberglass that has foam on it.

    I am crossing my fingers this is the end. But reading more of these sites i am really worried it will not go away. It might go away for the really cold winter months but then come summer it will be back.

    I was very impressed with the company and the contractor how fast they jumped on this.

    What do you think of there findings have you ever heard of this before?


  6. Richard Beyer | | #6

    Diane I'm going to assume this is also you in this blog post;

    Just be aware that there's no remediation standards published by industry or our government. and

    What did the contractor do to prevent the spray foam dust and odors during removing from spreading throughout your home? Did he/she build containment and ventilate with industrial fans? Are you reinstalling spray foam over the bad foam surface area once removal is complete? Did anyone test the air quality prior to the removal and after removal? Were you or any family member or pets in the home when the spray foam was installed or during removal? Did the contractor ventilate during the initial installation? Which chemical manufacturer's foam was used?

    There are many questions asked and answers which are needed for anyone to help you make an educated decision. Here's my phone number if you would like share your experience any time.. 860-460-5434

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