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Spray Foam Polymers ThermoSeal spray foam — anyone heard of or used it?

ProjectTime | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I am thinking about getting a few areas of my house spray foamed with closed-cell foam, one of my local contractors uses Spray Foam Polymers ThermoSeal spray foam. I have never heard of them and can not find much information other then what they have on there website. It seems to be a small company and I can not find any information from people who have used their foam products.

Has anyone used there products in their house and were they happy with the results?


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  1. good4utoo | | #1

    Actually I would also like to know about Spray Foam Polymers and their product ThermoSeal
    They have a presence in our community and many contractors use the product but they do not seem to be very transparent . Can someone give any advise??

  2. LaciB | | #2

    I too have would like to know whether Thermoseal is a reasonably product.

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