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Staggered studs on 2×8 plates….anyone do it?

Jesse Lizer | Posted in General Questions on

There is a lot of talk here about OVE framing, double stud wall framing and various types of thick exterior foam options. However I have not found much talk at all about staggered 2x4s on 2×8 plates. I realize this does not eliminate thermal bridging at the sills and heads of the walls, but I would have to assume it would create a slightly stiffer wall too. 2 rows of 2x4s cost about the same as a single 2×8 around here. The 2x4s would be on 12″ staggers, so a 24″ o.c. on their respective sides. The header plane would remain on the exterior row of 2x4s so the bridging is still far reduced from a typical 2×6 wall. ZIP sheathing on the exterior and blown fiberglass/cellulose, to me, gets you a high performing & stronger wall for a slightly less cost (less wood required) and time then a true double stud of similar thickness.
Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions on this?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Sure, I've heard of people framing walls that way.

    It won't cost you any more to frame a 12-inch-thick double-stud wall, though -- all you need is a little more cellulose -- and the 12-inch-thick wall will perform a lot better than the wall you propose.

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