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Steel or Aluminum Siding Compared to Alternative Options

1869farmhouse | Posted in General Questions on

It’s not often used in my area, but the the ease of recycling steel and aluminum siding has piqued my interest – among other factors.

My initial concern would be towards heat.  My wall assembly is closed cell foam with 3″ mineral wool on top of that.  I’ve always considered exterior insulation (and now would certainly be the time to do it), but it is additional work I’m not sure I’d like to do unless it’s needed.

Just curious to hear anyone’s opinion on the two options as I’ve never seen it used locally.

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  1. Andrew_C | | #1

    We have neighbors that have naturally oxidized (ie rusted) steel panels for walls. They are relatively dark brown and get really hot in the desert sun (Arizona). They have close cell foam directly behind those panels, which would give me pause, but they haven't had any issues. If you put mineral wool under the steel panels instead, I would think that would be excellent.

    1. agooch | | #2

      I’ve thought about this exact setup numerous times, but I’ve never been able to find rigid roxul (or any rigid mineral board). I see it used in articles, but for the life of me I’ve never been able to find it.

  2. 1869farmhouse | | #3

    Rather than anecdotes, does anyone have or know of any data on the topic? Been looking for 2 days with little to show.

  3. user-2310254 | | #4


    Maybe one of the specialty manufacturers could provide fact-based answers. (Someone like

    1. 1869farmhouse | | #5

      Companies that do steel in my area are few and far between. I had a hard time even finding a supplier that would sell me materials. I’m thinking about just giving it a god - it seems like a good option. My WRB could basically be siding by itself in a worst case scenario haha

  4. user-723121 | | #6

    Not sure exactly what your question is. If it is about steel siding availability you can check,

    I have used their products for 30 years, a great company in Hopkins, MN.

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