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Steel siding: housewrap?

ururk | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

I started a project with the following wall assembly:

Zone: 4
Inside – OSB – Peel-stick membrane – 4″ Foam insulation fully taped and seams staggered (two layers, R20 total) – 3/8″ air gap – furring strips – SIDING – Outside

Originally I was going to do wood siding – with top and bottom air vents. Long story short, I decided to go with steel siding, with only an air vent on the bottom.

Should I install a house wrap between the furring strips and siding? I realize the siding will condense some water, but am concerned the housewrap will retain moisture between the steel and furring strips. I can’t vent the top due to how the siding is installed.



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  1. Expert Member


    No. The WRB needs t0 be behind your furring.
    Most metal siding requires horizontal furring strips. Depending on the profile of your siding, you may not end up with much of a rain-screen cavity left. Using Cor-a Vent rather than wood might be a good solution.

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