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Stinky sock syndrome

Dayna | Posted in General Questions on

Has anyone experienced horrible stinky feet smell after using  heat on HVAC for a few months without issues? This happened to us during the summer so we had AC coil taken out and cleaned and the smell persisted so we replaced our coil with brand new one Even though there wasn’t noticeable dirt and always have kept it clean and live in a newer home with healthy building materials. For the first time after living in 2013 constructed house for nine years, our furnace started having the same smell so we remove the AC coil Since we don’t need it in the winter, thinking that could solve the problem, but it is still smells when the heat is on? The technicians are baffled so please let me know if anyone has any information they can share. Thank you

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  1. user-5946022 | | #1

    Google "Stinky Sock Syndrome" for HVAC
    Lots of info

    1. Dayna | | #3

      Thanks and Yes I read all the information I could find but and done everything suggestion but still have the smell?

  2. Deleted | | #2


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