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Storage building

canadianexpy | Posted in Green Building Techniques on


Wanted to check wall design before going ahead on storage building I plan on building.
The building will be a 40 X 64 X 14 and will be heated in the future. Although I don’t except this building to be super energy efficient, with a 12′ x 16′ garage door. I would like to try and due my best at making it as good as possible.

So wall from inside out is :
2 x 6 studs filled with Roxul R22
7/16 OSB sheathing taped ( air barrier?)
3″ rigid Polyiso with paper-fiberglass face ( used from roofing)
Tyvek taped ( WRB)
1 x 4 strapping horizontal (rain screen)
Board and Batten vinyl siding

Any problems with this set-up??


Zone 6 Ontario

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    No problems with your plans. (In fact, the walls of your storage building will be much better insulated than the walls of most houses in your climate zone.)

  2. canadianexpy | | #2

    Thanks , feels better knowing that the plan should work.

    Now only if they could come up with a better garage door!!!

  3. Jon_R | | #3

    I'd consider shifting some cost to improving the door. Maybe including the "Green Hinge System". Or only heating as needed with fast responding radiant heat?

  4. canadianexpy | | #4

    I will look into the Green Hinge, Thanks .
    I will be buying as a good a door as I can budget. Although I know the R-values are over rated and all still leak.
    As for heating I going to to put 4" under-slab insulation then PEX in the floor but only because you can't do it after, . Not sure if this will be my source of heating or something else, or combination of both.

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