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Storm Windows

user-7560403 | Posted in General Questions on

Does anyone know where I could still purchase custom storm windows? For years I always custom ordered Larson windows through the big box stores. Sadly Larson discontinued all their storm windows at the end of last year. I know Jeld Wen used to make them but they also discontinued them in recent years.  I liked being able to measure and order my own as opposed to having a company come out and do it.  My guess is that with all the vinyl replacement windows going in there isn’t as much of a market anymore.  I just bought a 100 year old bungalow with most of it’s original windows, but some of the windows don’t have them and a couple that are there now are broken.

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  1. 1910duplex | | #1

    I also bought Larson storms and need a few more for windows that have very very old storms and one internal for a window with exterior bars and no storm window (opens on an unconditioned enclosed back porch)...I want to buy Pro-Vias, but have not figured out who would sell them in the D.C. area.
    Any advice?

  2. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #2

    Have you tried searching for "glazing shops" near you? They are usually small businesses that provide a variety of glazing services such as shower and railing glass, storefronts, replacement windows and custom storm windows.

  3. 1910duplex | | #3

    Update -- called Pro-Via, and they, like Larson, no longer make storm windows. Quanta panel does. Theirs cost about $100/window more than Larson did about four years ago (most of my windows are 31 inches by 72 inches, fwiw; cost for Quanta panel is about $250/window at that size)

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