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Stucco Mineral Wool Wall Assembly

mlang22 | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

Looking for recommendations on a wall assembly using 2′-3″ mineral wool as the exterior continuous insulation with stucco.  Does any one have any experiences with StoTherm ci Mineral, Senerflex Vulcan NC or Delta Dry Stucco products or other suggestions?

House is in Colorado zone 5.  Planning to use ProClima IntelloPlus interior air barrier and either Mento 1000 or Adhero for WRB.  However StoTherm and Senerflex systems uses a liquid WRB and I’m not sure how they would perform.

The blog has been fantastic in helping me navigate and learn more about the green building options for my project.  Thanks all.

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  1. jollygreenshortguy | | #1

    I can't help much. But Matt Risinger has a few videos on his Youtube channel about doing stucco with rainscreen over mineral wool insulation. You might find help there.

    1. mlang22 | | #2

      Many thanks. I've looked at all those videos and was wondering if there are any newer methodologies.

  2. kbentley57 | | #3


    Perhaps I'm not versed enough in StoCorp's EIFS system with mineral wool, but I have used external mineral wool, and I have used StoCorps synthetic stucco (lotusan), on separate occasions. I'd never really consider putting synthetic stucco over something as soft as mineral wool. I'm sure it can be done, but I wouldn't want to be the responsible party for it.

    If it were a traditional three coat stucco, with wire, then maybe. It at least has some semblance of hardness. The synthetic stucco might as well be latex paint with sand mixed in. It's a coating only imo.


    To clarify what I used -

    I used a cement board attached through the mineral wool to a concrete foundation. On that I attached self-furring stucco mesh with tapcons as the primary attachment for the whole system. After that was a base and brown coat of traditional stucco. An acrylic bonding agent was applied to that, and then the synthetic stucco finish with the integral color.

    That worked out well, and it's solid enough. It's effectively 1" thick with reinforcement. The mineral wool solid backing does work well for that, as it help cushion any load that is now dispersed over a larger area.

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