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Stucco or Plaster with exterior foam installation

Wunderbar | Posted in Expert Exchange Q&A on

Any advice for stucco/plaster application over an exterior foam sheathed home? 

My wall assembly is Zip sheathing with 3″ taped Polyiso. I know there are multiple rainscreen products for stucco application (Delta Dry and Lath, etc) but they don’t seem to be workable with exterior insulation unless i’m missing something?

The options i was considering are

A: 1×4 rainscreen with long screws through the polysio into the studs, fiber lath over the rainscreen, 3 coat stucco. Not sure how close I need to space the rainscreen batts, was thinking 16″ o/c.

B: 1×4 rainscreen, 4×8 cement board sheets, 2 coat Stucco onto the cement board

C: Spider lath over the polyiso but not sure how to attach it securely through 3″ of foam. 3 coat stucco

Thanks in advance!!

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