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Substitute for acoustical sealant?

Andrew_C | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I’m in possession of a box of Tremco TremPro JS-773 sealant. It’s a one-part, non-skinning synthetic butyl sealant. When I got the box of sealant (a while ago), I thought is was acoustical sealant that I could use for attic air-sealing and such. The key feature is that it’s supposed to stay somewhat gooey and not crack like most caulk does eventually. But of course it also has to attach to the bonding surfaces, which would be wood and/or drywall in this case.

The label says steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. Anyone know if this should work in this off-label application? If it were just one small tube of sealant, I’d just get something else, but I’ve got a bunch of the big 850 ml tubes, like to be able to use them if I can.

Climate zone 5, Michigan, if that makes any difference.


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  1. Andrew_C | | #1

    Short answer from Tremco tech: TremPro JS-773 is basically the same as their acoustical sealant, and it can be used as a substitute.

    Addendum: I didn't even consider that someone might have asked this question before, but when I searched for my question, I found a previous Q&A thread that came to the same conclusion. The Search function should be used a lot more (he says to himself); as a bonus, you'll probably learn something else and find other useful links while chasing the down the answer.

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