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Super-Insulation Symposium 6/23/2010

GBA Editor | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

For those in or near central Vermont tomorrow evening:

Super-Insulation Symposium:
A Lively Discussion on the Best Methods to Reduce Energy Consumption in Vermont

Wednesday, June 23, 7:00 pm at Yestermorrow Design/Build School, 189 VT Route 100, Warren VT.

Led by moderator Alex Wilson, with a roundtable of Vermont super-insulation practitioners (Scott Baum, Ben Graham, Bill Maclay, John Unger Murphy, Bob Payson, Robert Riversong,
Peter Schneider, Andy Shapiro) we will hash out the details and best practices of one of the most important elements of any “green” building in Vermont. It is time to make sure we are advancing the state of super-insulation in the state that needs it most. How much? What kind? What about window edges? Under the slab? Hot roofs or tight conditioned spaces? Are you counting your thermal bridges? What’s your whole wall U value? What’s it cost? How much wood do you burn? Passive House? Building America?

In an informal atmosphere, we will see a series of projects and systems that will spark lively debate and support the development of Vermont’s approach to climate change, atmospheric pollution, peak oil, wars for oil, and the rising cost of heating fuel – or just a common sense approach to building here in the Northeast. Bring your thinking cap and an open mind.

Moderator: Alex Wilson has been for more than 30 years the most trusted voice on energy efficiency and environmentally responsible design and construction. Since launching Environmental Building News (EBN) in 1992, he’s built a reputation, resources, and staff to provide the foundation for BuildingGreen, an information company that produces GreenSpec,, and LEEDuser, as well as providing consulting for a variety of companies for whom sustainable design is a core value. He is executive editor of EBN and GreenSpec, and his Energy Solutions and Cool Product of the Week blogs are widely read.

This event is part of the Yestermorrow Summer Lecture Series, which runs every Wednesday from June 16-August 18.

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  1. jbmoyer | | #1

    What are the chances of a webinar of this symposium? HELL, I'll pay.
    Sounds like a good one.

  2. Riversong | | #2


    These events are usually videotaped for broadcast on local cable TV. I'll find out the details and whether it will be available on-line.

  3. wjrobinson | | #3

    Put the clips up on You Tube if possible.

  4. Riversong | | #4

    Sometime after the event, the video should be available at:

  5. user-788447 | | #5

    Would love to have access this on the web as well.

  6. homedesign | | #6

    Just noticed that the video(s) are now posted

  7. homedesign | | #7

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