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Superior Walls with Polyiso and Rockwool

JasonYackley | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

I’m building a house utilizing Superior Walls precast concrete walls for our walkout basement foundation and our above grade exterior walls. We are located in climate zone 3 in North Carolina. The walls are going to be pre-insulated with polyisocyanurate between the studs. The polyisocyanurate is foil faced on the interior side. The studs are insulated with EPS foam. The stud bays are deep enough to accept six inches of extra insulation. I was thinking about filling the stud bays with Rockwool Comfort batt. Is it okay to install Rockwool directly against the foil facing of the polyisocyanurate? From the exterior of the wall it would then be 2” of 5000 psi concrete, 2” of interior foil faced polyisocyanurate, 6” of Rockwool Comfort batt, and drywall with latex paint. Any thoughts on this setup? Thanks for any help on this.

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  1. ethant | | #1

    How was your experience with Superior Walls, overall?

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