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Superstor indirect-fired water heater leak from aquastat

porterdbrian | Posted in General Questions on

I am seeking help with diagnosing what the potential problem could be. About two days ago I noticed water dripping from what I believe is the aquastat connected to the hot water heater on the outside. I am attaching photos for reference. We live in southwestern Colorado (climate zone 7b, elevation 7700′) and getting proper professional advice can take a few days to a few weeks. I just want to see what I should do in the interim to prevent more costly damage from occurring.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

I should also include that it is gas. It is set to 120 degrees and the leak is coming from underneath the bottom metal plating.


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  1. Richard McGrath | | #1

    Could you include a couple pictures showing more of the ( all ) piping and where it is going ? Curious about the zone valve I see and other piping also

  2. porterdbrian | | #2

    Take a look at these. Let me know if it helps. I appreciate the response. Also, the system seems to be heating the water fine so far.

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