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Tape or Caulk Material that will Adhere my WRB to Asphaltic Basement Wall Waterproofing?

mpsterner | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Building a new house in zone 7 Northern Wisconsin. 

To maintain air barrier continuity, I’d like to attach my WRB (Mento 1000) to our exterior foundation wall. The foundation wall is coated with a waterproofing membrane called Carlisle Barricoat. The attached data sheet states that it is an “asphalt emulsion combined with synthetic polymers and special additives.”

What kind of tape or sealant could I use to make this connection robust? 

In hot water, this membrane is pretty rubbery to the point where you can sort of slide it around. Seems good for waterproofing but questionable as far as adhering. 

Would something like Tremco Acoustical sealant work for that?

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