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Taping Zip Panel Seams

ncjimK | Posted in General Questions on

We have installed the Zip-R panels on our house, but the seams have not yet been taped.

With the cold weather here, there will be lots more days with the temperature below the minimum 20 degrees recommended.

The house is in climate zone 5. Some of the panels were installed in August, some just recently.

Do we need to get the seams tapped if we have a couple of days of warm temperatures now, or can we wait until the Spring to tape the joints before putting on the siding?

If we can get the seams taped now, can we leave the taped panels exposed until we get the siding up? If so how long can we wait?

If we cannot get the seams taped, is there a problem with the effect of moisture and wintery mixes getting into the seams and edges of the OSB part.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    My advice: if the weather warms up enough for you to tape, then by all means tape -- starting with the roof.

    You should call up Huber Engineered Woods (the manufacturer of Zip sheathing) and ask for their tech help line. Ask them if there would be any problems arising from leaving the Zip sheathing untaped for the winter. I think that their number is 800-933-9220.

  2. ncjimK | | #2

    Thanks Martin. I posted the same question to Huber via email and will follow up by phone. Just looking to see if any of the GBA community had any hands-on experience with this too.

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