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Ventilation in a Temperate Climate

marsaloni | Posted in General Questions on

Good afternoon,

I am building a 1,350sq ft house in a temperate climate in south america which stays roughly 65-75 year round. It doesn’t generally get very humid either. The house is all one level, 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath, office, open kitchen & living space. I’ve been looking at the lunos systems but don’t feel I need the ERV function. I do like the ductless option as the ceiling will be exposed wood, there is no attic space or wall space to runs ducts (concrete). I can run conduit to various locations and have holes put in the walls which will be concrete/brick for any ventilation. My goal is to have a constant stream of fresh air coming into the property and have that air filtered very well as it gets dusty/smokey at times. Power is US standard 120/240v. Looking for recommendations. All the windows will be sealed, non operational so the house will be rather tight. Thank you

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    Michael Maines | | #1
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    AKOS TOTH | | #2

    Probably the simplest is to use one of the ceiling cassette units. Most have a port for fresh air supply and can drive an external fan. I would have a simple passive intake with a multi-stage filter to the fresh air fan supplying the ceiling unit. Depending on what you want to filter a combination of Merv8 followed by a HEPA filter is a good choice. There are a number of companies that make a filter/fan combination unit (ie. Fantech HS300, Lifebreath TFP3000) that will work for this.

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