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Temporary protection for exterior HFO spray foam?

gatohaus | Posted in Green Products and Materials on


In renovating our 1890’s farm house, we’re using exterior spray foam as both the main insulation and water barrier. 

2021 being what it is, our siding has been delayed for several months.  What would be a good protective cover I could use for up to 6 months?

My current thought is whatever the cheapest housewrap material I can find at a box store.  I don’t intend to leave this cover on as it would serve no purpose and may retain water next to the siding (wood).

However, I don’t know if tyvek or similar is actually opaque in the UV region.
I considered tar paper or felt paper, but it was suggested these wouldn’t survive for long.

David – upstate NY

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  1. seabornman | | #1

    You might try latex paint. I had XPS foam that wasn't going to get covered up soon, so I went to the basement and mixed together various latex paint remnants and rolled it on. It seemed to do the trick.

  2. kyle_r | | #2

    There are specific acrylic and silicone based coatings or paints made to provide UV resistance to spray foam roofs.

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