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Termite options, shields, PT floor framing, bait stations?

Bill_NC | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

For a house built with a crawlspace, I’d love to hear some views on the following:

SHEET METAL TERMITE SHIELD: Installing a galv sheet metal shield on top of the cmu wall with the shield turning down 1″ on the exterior and projecting horizontally out 1″ past the foam insulation on the interior, then downward 2″ at a 45 deg angle. Lap sheet metal at least 6″. Holes at anchor bolts need to be drilled accurately then sealed with construction adhesive prior to placing PT sill. Foam gasket on top of shield to air seal and to separate the galv sheet metal from the PT sill. Code calls for a gap in the foam to inspect for termites, but the shield should perform the same function without leaving a gap in the insulation.

PT FLOOR FRAMING: Framing the 1st story floor with PT lumber. Lumber would have to be purchased that was kiln dried after PT, or buying lumber and sticking to allow it to dry before framing the floor system. The current PT lumber is more corrosive than the old CCA, so ss fasteners are a good idea.

BAIT STATIONS: Using bait stations instead of more toxic alternatives.




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