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The Breathing Window

fitchplate | Posted in General Questions on

Anyone familiar with/comment on the Breathing Window? Is it on the market?

Here is what they say:

“…the Breathing Window reduces ventilation running and heat-loss costs by 10kWh/m2.annum…”
This means comparative costs with other models and types of HRV’s.

” 95% lower running costs than always on ducted HRV.
50% lower ventilation heat losses than ducted HRV, only occupied areas are ventilated.
4 year payback compared with 40 years for a ducted system.


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  1. user-626934 | | #1

    Not on the market in the U.S., as far as I know. Also, there are quite a few exaggerations and pieces of misinformation on the website you linked to...take the performance information with a grain of salt. It may very well be a great unit...but the stats quoted on the site don't add up.

  2. fitchplate | | #2

    Thank you JS for your observation on the Breathing Widow. You have left me wanting more. Do you mind elaborating on the misinfo and exaggerated claims? It will make us smarter next time around (like below).

    I received email from the company this morning saying the product will be to market in June.

    Meanwhile I just discovered these small HRV's from VENTS-US. How do their specs and claims stack up?

    Would these be compatible if combined in a house, with the spot HRV in a bedroom while the rest of the house is ventilated with an EOV (out of a bathroom - with passive vents in other rooms)?

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