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The use of blown insulation on the underside of a roof that requires a fire resistance rating

PGWtFxvDvS | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

We are looking for advice for insulating the roof in a renovation of a curling club in Toronto. They are looking for blown insulation for the underside of the roof. The goal is avoid covering it with GWB for fire protection due to deadload concerns. Monoglass has been suggested, which is a blown fibreglass product that is apparently green and does not require GWB to protect it from fire. We have manufacturer’s literature and an NRC reference to a study underway, but nothing “impartial”.


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  1. Christopher Briley | | #1

    Check out Air-Krete. Your project seems to be what it was made for. (It's pricey though.) Not sure it can be applied from below on a horizontal surface like a spray foam though.

    it sounds like someone needs to go through the UL (underwriter laboratories) assemblies to ensure you are meeting the propper fire rating for your assembly.

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