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Thermal break fixings/fasteners for ETICS/ICF

uac | Posted in PassivHaus on

Hi all

I’m doing a research of thermal break fixings that can be used in ETICS /ICF  envelops. I want to anchor to these medium traction 50-100 Kg traction loads (no sheer loads), but in some cases I might needs to handle more. In my case I will be using ICF so the fixing will be done to concrete.

The most interesting products I’ve found are:

– fischer thermax

More versatile (wider range of loads but no thermal specs / X value)

–  EJOT ISO Dart

Has thermal specs but it has a limited range of loads it can handle.

I was wondering if anybody has found the thermal specs of the fischer fixings. This date is not part of the datasheet (!) / So far I’ve got no luck with technical support.

Also, I’m puzzled there are no more manufacturers.  Any suggestions of other vendors would be greatly appreciated.

Comments are very welcome

Thanks in advance



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