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What to Do With Thermal Imaging Results

stuartd | Posted in General Questions on

Climate Zone 6
Single family
new construction

Siding is vinyl log – Kaycan Montebello which to keep its shape has styrofoam ‘backing’, could also have benefit of exterior insulation, though it is not continuous

Used my handy dandy Flir gen 1 iPhone 5s camera after insulation was finished.
Daylight basement exterior walls are 2×6 with zip, 3″ spray foam + fiberglass batts.
I’ve attached some photos.

I did not have an option to use exterior insulation at the foundation, or anywhere, so now have ‘cold blue images’ at inside ground level. I assume conduction is responsible for cold temperature at floor level. I did put 2″ XPS and vapor barrier under the slab, but not up the sides, builder said he was advised not to do it.

Is there anything I can do inside at this point to stop the conduction through the foundation? I’m not opposed to something outside, but it would have to either blend, or be able to be hidden by landscaping.

As to air infiltration, I will have a blower door test done before sheetrock installation. Will taping the ‘interior’ side of the mud sill/foundation joint achieve anything? I do have a lot of Siga Fentrim IS 20 tape. You can see in one of the images I did tape a small section with the Fentrim, but do not see any temperature difference, which makes sense, as it is only an air seal, correct? That intersection does have foam between the foundation and the sill plate.

The  ‘exterior’ mud sill/foundation joint was taped with Contega Solido IQ.

How about the rim joist/band joist? The rim joist in the photo is all wood with zip sheathing, and is where ceiling of basement and floor of upstairs meet. It has 2″ XPS and the edges were just sealed with canned spray foam. I initially wanted those joists to be all spray foam.

Lastly, cold shown at corner of 2×6 zip wall. what do to in this location?

I hope this is a clear enough description to enable comments, and maybe what I call ‘problems’ are not worth losing sleep.


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