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thicker walls — [Not really a new thread]

ScottNeels | Posted in General Questions on

The interior is gutted to the studs. Was going to replace old isolation with R-15. Will be residing in the future. Vinal is brittle and we are replacing all windows. Doing all the work myself so it’s just what I think I’m worth.
Thank you

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  1. PAUL KUENN | | #1

    A wish come true Scott!

    We all would love to start from scratch like that on a refurb. If it's all 2x4 walls, then once you seal all joints, it's time to cover the inside with fabric (see 475's Web Site for the best stuff) and blow in dense packed cellulose. Then you have better air control and a near fire proof wall. Certainly a higher R value than you could ever get with fiberglass as well. Add bucks to the windows with jam extensions for rigid foam on the outside. Lots of great stories hearabouts for that. This is the one time you can do it all cleanly and save on utilities the rest of the house life.

    Good luck!

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    It looks like you accidentally started a new thread when you really intended to post your comment on a different page -- namely, here: Thicker walls.

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