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This has to do with wall insulation in a partial re-build of a 19th cent. House in New Orleans

Garuda | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Climate is Deep South, or hot and very humid in the long Summer. I have heard and read that traditional batt insulation is practically useless. spray insulation is not an option !(for financial reasons) and it may, in any case, be a bad choice environmentally. Celluose . Does this product come in batt form? One further piece of info – the framing is wood on 16″ centers. What choices do I have.
Thanks, Michael Higson in New Orleans

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  1. LucyF | | #1

    I have wondered that myself. I found some nice, easy to install cotton batts at a company called Soundproof Cow (believe it or not) when I was looking for batts that were more effective than fiberglass.

  2. LucyF | | #2

    Ecocell from is the only one I can find online.

  3. Garuda | | #3

    Lucy, Thanks! Ecosell's product would work (the R-value is 20) - however, no distributor in Louisiana.
    I favor the batt approach because its less messy than blown-in if, and when , modifications have to made which is often the case in a renovation of an old house.
    Any other suggestions? Michael

  4. user-659915 | | #4

    Cellulose wall insulation in batt form will be subject to the same installation quality concerns as fiberglass batts. You need a class 1 installation with zero compression, zero voids and a full air barrier: even so the performance is unlikely to equal that of dense-pack.

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