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Thoughts on these ERVs?

DavidLLarsen | Posted in General Questions on

Thanks for everyone who answered my other questions regarding ERVs. I’m back to trying to get a single ERV vs having two.

What are your thoughts on these two units?
Broan ERV130FLS
Lifebreath Metro 120 ERV-ECM

Many thanks!

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    They are both pretty so-so on preformance and borderline flow for a large house. The Lifebreath is better as it is an ECM unit, so much lower power consumption.

    For a new install in larger house for the extra money, go with the lifebreath 195 ECM. It is much higher efficiency and has enough flow to handle 4 bathrooms (the 130ECM is good for around 2 bathrooms). Not needing a couple of bath fans goes part of the way to paying for the price difference.

  2. Trevor_Lambert | | #2

    I concur with Akos. Both of those are undersized, and I was also going to suggest looking at the 195 model.

    1. DavidLLarsen | | #3

      So I just saw that the 195ecm has been discontinued! Any other suggestions?

  3. Trevor_Lambert | | #4

    Here are some that look like they meet your requirements:
    Zehnder CA350
    UltimateAir 200DX
    vanEE G2400E ECM / Venmar X24ERV ECM / Broan ERV200ECM (all the same unit with different labels on them)
    RenewAire EV200

    I'd recommend the Zehnder or UltimateAir, but they are pricey.

  4. Expert Member
    Akos | | #5

    There is typically a better selection of higher flow HRV units. Generally look for something with a HEX core (ie Lifebreath 267Max).

  5. DavidLLarsen | | #6

    ok....flip flopping again. I met with the head hvac installer at my project today. The only feasible solution to get from the 3rd floor (where the ERV will be located) down to the 1st floor where the kitchen is, would require a chase that can't/won't fit. So we are now looking back at the dual units. The upper unit will have 2 bathrooms. would you all recommend the panasonic FV-10VE1 or the Lifebreath metro 120 ERV with ECM? The lifebreath has more CFM capabilities but the panasonic is more efficient.

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