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Oil for Minisplit Flare Nut Threads

Nathan_PA | Posted in Mechanicals on

Hello All,

I am DIY installing a Fujitsu minisplit (15LZAS) in my basement. The install manual says to use Alkylbenzene oil on the threads of the flare nuts. I can only find alkylbenzene oil available in 1 gallon or larger quantities, which is both expensive and wasteful for just needing to make 4 connections. Google tells me that POE oil should also be comptatible with R410A. Can I use POE oil safely for the threads? Does anyone have an idea of where to find Alkylbenzene oil in smaller quantities?

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  1. kyle_r | | #1

    Nylog blue is what I have seen recommended for 410a systems

    1. aunsafe2015 | | #2

      Yup, this is what I see recommended most frequently.

  2. Nathan_PA | | #3

    Thanks all!

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