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Tiling shower floor or plastic tray

fv7hj83mMa | Posted in Interior Design on

Is there a safe way to tile a shower floor with a drain if I don’t use the plastic tray like most showers have?
I heard someone mention there is a plastic tray that you can tile over?
I know the tray has less leakage and mildew mold but the tiles look so much nicer and richer.

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    Schluter makes a really nice kit. well worth the cost.

  2. tEMhybnVk5 | | #2

    Maria, I agree with Michael. Schluter makes an extremelly nice kit and it is worth every penny. Check it out at and make sure you watch the videos. Hope it helps.

  3. wjrobinson | | #3

    Third vote for Schuter. I love and use all their products religiously.

  4. wjrobinson | | #4

    Schluter! editing!!!!

    Need to remember my new trick... post via Chrome browser... and get this... built in spell check!!! (post above via MSE8)

  5. michelesnyder08 | | #5

    I would still only use a tray with up stands, I too like sheets for the walls rather than tiles, I generally used trays with up stands on all four sides, no silicone inside except inside vertical trims to the panels.
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  6. Expert Member

    I've used plastic bases that you tile on several jobs with good success. Very simple compared to other methods and the finished surface is indistinguishable from traditionally installed tile.

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