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Tiny house flashing question (moisture management)

Michael Kalman | Posted in General Questions on

Hey there, Zone 6 here. I am flashing the bottom of my tiny house trailer, this is what it looks like:

House, etc.
Subfloor (2×6 filled with cellulose)
Cross members
24g steel flashing (caulked with polyurethane caulk)

I have waterproofed the bottom of my trailer and I plan on using intelloplus vapor barrier on the warm sides of my cellulose insulation. My question is, will I encounter condensation problems on the top of the flashing, on the inside of the trailer assembly because I caulked it with polyurethane caulk? Will the vapor barrier facilitate drying towards the inside if drying towards the outside is not possible? What should I do to keep my building as healthy as possible?

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