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Tiny House Floor Assembly

ryansheeran | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

I am remodeling a tiny house that was not built up to standards. I have a question about the floor assembly. The floor deck was framed with 2x4s with eps foam between the joists and aluminum 4×8 sheets glued to the bottom of the joists. No can foam was used between the foam joints and framing. There is 3/4″ subfloor nailed and glued to the top of  joists. Can condensation occur on aluminum sheets beneath the joists? I do not want to remove subfloor and air seal the eps foam with can foam, and would rather apply spray foam to bottom exterior side of aluminum. Can someone explain the building science of moist air traveling downward (not up) through the floor and hitting the aluminum. What is the best approach? I am in climate zone 3C.


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