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Trane XV18 heat pump: How low does it modulate?

aunsafe2015 | Posted in Mechanicals on

Anybody know how low the Train XV18 heat pumps can modulate, in both cooling mode and heating mode?

I’m specifically interested in the 2-ton model.

Also, anybody know the max heating capacity at 17 F?

The info is very easy to find for Carrier variable speed heat pumps, but I can’t find anything from Trane itself detailing the specs of Trane’s variable speed heat pumps.


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  1. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #1

    NEEP's database doesn't list the 2- tonner, but the max capacity of the 3-ton 4TWV8036A1 is pretty much the same as it's AHRI rated numbers @ +17F. So just assume the AHRI rating is it's max capacity, give or take.

    With the 3 tonner, depending on which air handler, at +17F you get :

    minimum rated maximum

    16,040 26,800 26,900
    16,700 26,800 26,900
    16,370 26,600 26,700

    At +47F it has wider range. At that temp depending on air handler option you get:

    minimum rated maximum

    8,500 33,200 33,400
    8,500 33,000 33,100
    8,400 32,800 32,900

    At +5 F the modulation range is narrower still

    minimum maximum

    16,894 20,420
    17,640 21,040
    17,194 20,600

    I suspect it's a similar story with the 2-tonners.

  2. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #2

    On the website they have more info on the 2 tonner. It's AHRI rated output @ +17F is 16,800 BTU/hr (so it's max is probably less than 17K), and the max output @ +5F is 13,000 BTU/hr.

    There's nothing about it's minimum modulated output, but on the NEEP spreadsheet both the 3 ton & 4 ton units can modulate down to between 1/4-1/3 of the "rated" output at 47F. The AHRI rated output of the 4TWV8024A1 at +47F is 20,000 BTU/hr so it's minimum @ 47F is probably between 5000-7000 BTU/hr.

  3. Stockwell | | #3

    I had this saved for the model that is one step higher than the XV18

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