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Triple-pane windows for a high-efficiency cabin

cabinflyer | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

1400sq. Ft. cabin…Zone 7 10,000 HDD with R40 walls and R80 in roof. Looking for ideas for windows. I’m probably looking at a manufacturer in North America for costs and timeline to get.
Have looked at H-Windows, in person and several others online, including Marvin “Tripane”.

Any pluses or minuses with any of them would be helpful.


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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    That's a pretty vague and open-ended question. I would choose a local dealer who provides good service.

    If you want high performance specs at a relatively low price, you might look at Intus windows.

  2. cabinflyer | | #2

    Thanks Martin. I was hoping the respondents wouldn't "over-think" this whole thing. Just want some great windows. Your response led me to the Intus site and unfortunately I see they don't have a dealer network close to my Northern Minnesota area. Marvin, H-Window, and Dorwin are all about 300 miles from me and with the exception of Dorwin the all have dealers who are good.

    So back to the same question....anybody have any experience with high performance windows?

  3. cabinflyer | | #3

    Oops....To qualify....Accurate-Dorwin is a highly respected company. They do not have a dealer network, and sell directly to the consumer.

  4. user-5527914 | | #4

    Look at wasco windows out of milwaukee

  5. brp_nh | | #5

    Alpen, based out of Colorado, makes high performance windows in both fiberglass and uPVC frames:

    I think this guy used Alpen in his MN house:

    We used the Alpen 525 series fiberglass in our NH (zone 6) house and have been happy. In your colder climate, I would get one of their better performing window lines.

  6. Expert Member
    RICHARD EVANS | | #6

    Man... 10,000 HDD! And I thought it was cold where I live... I would opt for a collection of window-sized plasma TVs that play continuous images of a warm and tropical place.

    Intus makes great windows. Not sure if there are Intus dealers near you but the guys (Alba and crew) at Performance Building Supply in Portland, ME are very helpful. Loewen and Koltech also make good windows with a potentially shorter order time. Loewen is based just over the border from Minnesota in Manitoba.

  7. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #7

    If we're including windows from Manitoba (for example, Accurate Dorwin and Loewen Windows), then it's also worth mentioning Duxton Windows, headquartered in Winnipeg.

  8. charlie_sullivan | | #8

    Consider Fiber Frame Comfort Line, similar to the Canadian ones, but based in Ohio. Depending on exchange rate, etc. they might or might not be a better deal than the Canadian ones.

    Last I checked, the Marvin Integrity triple-pane windows were not available in a high solar gain option, which might be what you want.

  9. cabinflyer | | #9

    Thanks so far for all the good posts. Winnipeg is about the same distance to us as others in the US. Since the goal is North woods cabin look, I'm trying to incorporate wood interior type of finish into the mix. H-Window and Marvin offer wood finishes but others also have options in staining their fiberglass frames.

  10. cabinflyer | | #10

    Update: I hate to report this, but after much trying I'm steering away from the H-Window. The problem is dealer support. Most of H-window dealers are nothing more than glass installers, whose primary business is derived from fixing broken windows, and cracked windshields. They seem to lack knowledge of residential windows, proper sealing etc. One dealer had never heard of a jamb extension?!?!?

    It is a shame that the company with potentially so much to offer chooses not to partner with trade retailers or lumber companies.

  11. getmeoutofgba | | #11

    I'm also in northern Minnesota. Marvin does offer high solar gain glazing option. They use Cardinal glass IGUs, so you can request the low-e 180 coatings. Loewen makes a nice wood (Doug fir) triple glazed window, manufactured in Canada. We've used wood jamb extensions on plenty of fiberglass windows in our cabin designs, for a nice balance of performance and aesthetics. I've been happy with Duxton and Accurate Dorwin fiberglass-frame windows, both made in Winnipeg.

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