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Triple Pane windows with 2 LoĒ Coatings for Zone 7 (MN)

welivehonestly | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Hi all!

I am looking at different LoĒ coating options for windows to use in our “cabin to home” addition/retrofit project. The Living Room has windows on both the South and West, and the house has significant glazing to the South in general.

I am thinking of using triple-pane windows with “Cardinal LoĒ-180 and 180” on surfaces 2 and 5, throughout. This way the windows will appear consistent when standing in the living room, and will also maximize winter solar heat gain.

Does this sound reasonable? I realize it is ideal to tailor coatings to each room/elevation. The house faces directly to the South, so the master bedroom, one of the kids’ rooms, the classroom (we homeschool), the living room, and a gathering space by the kitchen all have Southern exposure.


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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    Sounds reasonable to me. Try to get 1-3/8” thick triple panel windows, not the 7/8” thick ones. The thicker IGU is really needed to get the full benefit from a triple pane window. You might also want to consider cardinal’s i89 interior coating to to help with heat loss in the winter.

    With the thick triple pane IGU assembly, going from lowE 180 to one of the more aggressive coatings (270, 340, etc) doesn’t gain much in terms of U value, but does make for a noticeably darker window. I think you’ll do well with 180/180 for a good balance of visual transmission and insulating performance. The i89 coating is the only other thing but I’d consider aside from making sure you get the 1-3/8” triple pane IGUs.


    1. welivehonestly | | #2

      thanks Bill! I am looking at Duxtons, which I believe use the 1-3/8" Cardinal IGU's ( I will look into the i89.

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