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Trying to find an HRV contractor in NH’s Seacoast region

RPR | Posted in General Questions on
I recently purchased a Lunos e2 HRV unit(s) ( on the advice of our home’s original builder to help alleviate a moisture problem in our over-the-garage apartment.  Our finished apartment is 5 years old, 550 sq. ft., has no attic access, and features spray foam insulation and fairly air-tight construction.  At the time the apartment was finished, we incorrectly believed that an ERV had been installed.  This unit, the Lunos e2, is a compromise air exchanger for our finished apartment.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a contractor willing to do the work in the Portsmouth NH/Southern Maine area.  It would seem that the job is either too large or too small – or – that the technology is just unusual enough – where contractors, electricians, and HVAC companies that I’ve reached out to just don’t seem interested in the work?   The work doesn’t “seem” extremely difficult – drilling two 6 3/8″ holes through the walls, inserting tubing/venting, installing the units, and snaking wiring (the hard part?) between the units … but then again, I’m a home-owner and this is not my area of expertise.

I would really appreciate any recommendations for a competent HRV/ERV contractor in the Seacoast area.  

Thanks in advance, RPR


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