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U.S. availability of rigid mineral wool

Reid Baldwin | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Is Roxul Comfortboard IS or some suitable substitute readily available in the United States? I found a few discussions of this issue in comments to earlier threads, but those were a while back or specific to particular cities. Roxul’s website lists Home Depot and Lowes as dealers, but they appear to only carry the batt types.

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  1. DIYJester | | #1

    Reed, I have special ordered Comfortboard IS from my local HD. Go to the pro desk and ask them to order it for you. They may have to call the supplier for prices and sizing.

    Here was the number for the 2"x3'x4' batts:

    S0108 1001-104-764 3.00EA RXCB236 / Roxul ComfortBoard IS 2"x3'x4' R8 Unface / Roxul ComfortBoard IS 2"x3'x4' R8 Unfaced Fiber Board (Stone Wool Insulation 36 Sq Ft RXCB236) [QC]
    AY @ $40.26

  2. Reid Baldwin | | #2

    Roughly twice the cost of EPS.

  3. DIYJester | | #3

    Yes, and more than XPS too, but you don't have to worry about bugs for subgrade applications, which for me was worth the cost.

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