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Replacing an UltimateAir Recoupaerator

pt1 | Posted in General Questions on

I have a ultimateair recuperator, and it  is not longer working properly.  It seems like ultimate air has gone out of business, so it seems like I have no hope of fixing it.  I just replaced the unit 2019, so this is pretty disappointing.  The heat exchanger spins at full speed, does not respond to the ventilation control panel, and no air fresh air  is entering or  leaving the  house.

It looks like I will need to buy a new unit, but I have not clue what I should replace it with.  My house is very tight, so I am really concerned.  Could someone suggest a replacement.  I live in rural central Illinois, and erv’s are uncommon here.  The heating and air people have little or no experience with erv, and I am worried that I will not get the unit that I need.

The recoupaerator is connected to a Water Furnace geothermal system.

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  1. DennisWood | | #1

    What is your CFM target for ventilation?

    I’d be looking at the PanasonicFV-20VEC1 or RenewAire EV Premium LH if low power use, efficiency, and moderate price are important.

    These have large cores and are quite efficient at lower air flows in the 60-90 CFM range.

    This is a good resource for products:

  2. AndrewRichard | | #2

    when i runs at full speed, thers is possible an wire disconnected between the wallcontroller. You can jump to 0-10volt controlling on the board?

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